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    Prints, notebooks, cards and postcard sets by Quill and Fox on Etsy

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  • Fine art collaborative FriendsWithYou has some amazing things and a gorgeous website.

  • Masks That Grant Their Wearers ‘Superhuman’ Senses

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  • koddsson:


    Binary “I Love You” necklace.

    Technically you can make it say anything, including a name or initials. Perfect for your preparation of the singularity.

    That’s pretty kewl!

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  • Create Moving Comics With MotionArtist

  • An excellent article by The Verge on Google’s new wearable computer, Google Glass.

    My scifi fantasies are coming true!!

  • GRID for iOS

    I will be checking this one out for sure. It looks like these guys have put a lot of thought and work into this app. I get the feeling they watch the same TED videos as I do.


    GRID bills itself as a “remarkable spreadsheet”. It looks nothing like a spreadsheet. It does look rather remarkable.

    Reminds me of the now (somewhat) defunct Backpack and its unconventional approach to organizing data when it launched 7 years ago.

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  • A paper thin phone made of nano-particles. This is the future I’ve been waiting for since “The Diamond Age”.

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  • A 3D phone idea.

    Nice design and fun and exciting thought.

  • A New Pinterest Logo: Design Notes from Michael & Carlos


    Last Friday we updated the official Pinterest logo! When first designing Pinterest, we wanted a scripty font to contrast with our boxy pinboards. We chose Bello Script. While we thought it was decent, we’d always been itching for something a bit more distinctive.

    To help us out, I contacted Michael Deal. I’ve always LOVED Michael’s work, which ranges from apparel to infographics (http://www.mikemake.com). Michael also invited his friend, Juan Carlos Pagan (Carlos) to help out. Carlos is a typographer and designer studying at CooperType. He brings a rare old-world craft to his type projects (http://jcpagan.com). It was incredibly exciting to work with two such talented guys and they were kind enough to share a bit more about their design. Get their design notes after the jump.

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